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July 24, 2017

For most of my youth growing up I did not like money. My upbringing was an odd one. I was brought up that money made the man and if you did not have it then you were a failure. Oddly, other people that had the money were pretty much now the enemy... We were jealous of them, were angry that they had money and we did not. I can now look back and realize that Money does not make the man (or woman). Man makes the money and with that there is so much good he can do. Trust me I know. For over 10 years I was blessed to use money to feed thousands of animals in need and vaccinate animals and keep them alive  

and healthy. I can look back now and realize that I need to not put money on such an unreachable pedestal. It actually only makes it harder to acquire.

Money is not evil...man's use of money is what is bad. So when you have good intentions think of all the good you can do with your money. Of course being able to pay for a roof and food for your family is vital to living a healthy and happy life but that should not be the main reason. That should be a given. Think of the impact you can make , the good you can accomplish and money will come to you. Don't be greedy don't surrender your morals and lose respect to get money. Just put it out there....see the good you can do in your heart...truly believe it and money will need you! Sounds weird but I have been blessed to witness it. I have watched it happen to others and it has happened to ME. It works!! You are better than money.....make money need you!!









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