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It is never too late to SPRING CLEAN your business...

July 9, 2017


   Spring Cleaning came and went and I wonder if you went through your business and removed some clutter.


YES!   Your business!


I guess you really don’t have to wait till’ spring to tidy things up. The worst thing you should do is take your business for granted!!! Hopefully, you are proud of the services you are offering or the products you are selling but there comes a time for every business that things need to change with the times. Plus, with all the marketing available at your fingertips are you keeping things fresh, working properly and easy for consumers to figure out your mission. Are you still passionate about what you are doing? Let us talk about bringing in a breath of fresh air into your business. Sometimes we do not notice that things are becoming stale until they are really ripe. So it is always a good thing to stalk yourself. Sounds creepy but it works. This is difficult for many but think outside the box in fact how about outside your body. Make believe you have never heard of YOU or your services or your product.  If you have a brick and mortar business go outside…walk down the street and turn around. Slowly walk up to your business maybe from a couple of blocks away. You can always start with the typical stuff. Is your street clean? Is their ample parking? If there are meters are they working? Maybe there is a tree hanging down over your sign? Are your outside lights working? If you have a cool window area to display your stuff are you using it!  Another thing that always disappoints me when I am out and about stalking businesses. How much is that doggie in the window? I wouldn’t know because there isn’t anything in the window!!!


Bottom line is when things are great they can sometimes turn on the drop of a dime because you were so busy collecting that money that you didn’t realize your staff was stealing, your website hasn’t been working correctly for months and you have been too busy to post your day to day experiences on social media! Never take your business for granted!!!!

Don’t hate your competition…. STUDY THEM! Study their website! Study their facebook. Don’t hate! The pie is big enough for everyone to have a slice. Don’t be a negative angry greedy business man. No one likes those people and you will stress yourself out and probably drop dead because you never stopped to smell the success of your business whether it be HUGE or SMALL…. success comes in all sizes and flavors. TASTE IT AND ENJOY IT!!!

Be good at what you do in fact be the best but always take the time to share what you do with the world!!! The WORLD? YES! Never forget that because of social media you are only limited by the walls of your mind.  You can have interest in your products from the busy streets of Hong Kong. During my music background, I sold records…YES! Records and my top distributors were in Malaysia, Ireland & Night clubs in the United Arab Emerites and at that time I the internet was not like it was now!


  If you don’t keep your sites up to date followers will stop coming around. So don’t forget about your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts.

RATED G? Depending on what line of business you are in, cater to your customer when it comes to how you act on your social media.  Remember that your customers may be your friends on FB so if you have a bad day with a customer, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Have a bad day at work and you are venting about how shitty your job is maybe you want to keep that off the internet. With the creation of the internet people that never left their homes are now social media sensations!!! It is now incredibly easy to become a “STAR” if you so choose to but once you are in the eye of the world you must keep certain things to yourself. Not liking the new president can be a hot topic issue but you will never know what party your customers voted for. So, when it comes to Politics and Religion I think it is safe to just grin and bear it. 

Don’t have a brick and mortar? Maybe you are mobile or have a home office? This should not keep you from sounding and acting like the big boys. A professional logo, Clear and clean business card, maybe a nice banner here and there, depending on what you are selling. As for advertisement, I am on the fence about it. Magazine ads, Diner menu ads, Newspaper ads, even cable access TV ads just don’t seem to be a great return on investment. I have done the Magazine and Newspaper ads and I got squat. I have asked many that have and from the experience of the people that I have asked…THEY GOT SQUAT TO.

WORD OF MOUTH IS KING! Nothing is better! Why? It is about trust. No one knows who you are until someone works with you. At that point, you are building relationships. (hopefully good ones)


Therefore, I highly recommend Googling your business same. There will be a map, contacts and a place for reviews. This is HOT now. Reviews are everything. Sadly, many can be bogus but people still go to them. WHY? TRUST! Who are you? Where are you? Are you good at what you do? GOOGLE, YELP & BING are the current popular research sites. If people buy from you and love your service do not be afraid to ask them to leave a review. Be honest and tell them that a line or two will help you grow and feed your family. It doesn’t have to be a 13-page synopsis!!! One or two lines…Mike’s plumbing was professional, on time and his prices were fair.  That right there can help you build new customers. 



What is your mission?

We sell burgers and they are the best in the world…

Not really a great mission although it does get the point out.

Here is a famous companies mission statement.

“BLANK’s brand mission is to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat and drink. Our worldwide operations are aligned around a global strategy called the Plan to Win, which center on an exceptional customer experience –

People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion


Did ya guess it? McDonald’s


How about?


Here at BLANK, we offer quality plumbing and drain cleaning service with quality and a name you can trust! 


Roto Rooter!


Should you have a mission statement. Most companies do. WHY? It lays out your companies direction. It truly raises your company above others when you can show that you have thought through the steps of running the business you are in every step possible. I want to open a cleaning company. I will think of a great name and or logo.


This is my little pet peeve but PLUMBING BY FRANK truly sounds small time. OR CAKES BY CATHY. To play with the big boys you should want to sound like a big company.  The services or products are obviously by you. How many large enterprises or fortune 500 companies are call WORLDWIDE PLUMBING by JIMMY. How about WORLWIDE


PLUMBING?  The issue with this is people automatically want instant recognition and want the masses to know I MADE THIS CAKE! Even something as catchy as CATHY’S CAKES sounds good. Make believe you are in your business picking up the phone and say your company name. Does it sound good? Does it roll off the tongue smoothly? I will leave this up to a matter of opinion cause basically when all is said and done this BLOG is just that, only my opinion.

My last point is to always be open to updating your products and bettering it based on the needs of your consumers. Sticking to your guns and being original is one thing but sell a product that is losing its sparkle but knowing that you can revamp and rekindle your company’s sales is a wonderful thing. This does not make you a failure. It makes you an entrepreneur!!!  The wealthiest men and women have had to at times change their entire company around or even closing shop to jump on the next boat! The Frisbee Pie company made pies…..The pie trays went on to make 300 million frisbees. So, you should always have your eyes open to new ideas!


Hopefully my passion for success has inspired you to do some self reflecting as to what it is you do..why you do it...do you still love what you do? If not no worries!!! CHANGE! If not then keep doing what you do but hopefully this will rekindle that flame to get out there and share yourself  with the world!!


I wish you continued success!!


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