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Do your friends and family know what you do?

July 5, 2017


I am always so disappointed when I do some facebook stalking and I come across so many of my friends personal facebook pages and as business owners their FB only mentions that their "former" job was working at a deli or they graduated from UCONN which was about 3 years ago. Funny thing is these are the people that complain that business could be better. Updating your personal info on FB is not hard. You can easily Google how to do it. There are countless videos and instructions how to help with all social media. Come and sit with me!!! I will gladly help you figure it out!

Promoting yourself is necessary but for more reasons than you think. Obviously the more you share your business the greater the chances you have of receiving business but there are other angles most do not think of or want to admit to including myself. It is not easy for many of us to walk into a family function and announce "HEY EVERYONE I HAVE MY OWN PLUMBING COMPANY!"  For many our family tends to be our worst critics. It is as though they wont take you as serious as a complete stranger that owns a similar plumbing company. By sharing your company on social media EVERYONE at some point will come across and it is not you are showing off, you are only sharing what you do on a daily basis. Share stories, share experiences, why not put your logo on pens, shirts maybe some hats and give them away to friends and family. 


PLEASE NOTE!  Think before you pick to whom you give away promo stuff to. Promo stuff is for just that promotion and if you know your cousin is only going to wear your t-shirt to bed maybe give them something more inexpensive. You want to make sure your promo stuff gets out there!!!


Whether you are a plumber, carpenter, jewelry maker, even if you make jerky!!!!!

BE PROUD of what you do. Attitude is everything! No one wants to deal with a DEBBIE DOWNER. A smile and a positive attitude will help you get more business and this is my last point...When you share yourself with the world you will find yourself feeling prouder of what you do, why you do it and that flame will grow bigger!  I guarantee it!!! We all fall into slumps. It happens to the best of them. I read quite a bit about the top moguls and surprisingly even from their thousand acre estates and their six and seven figure salaries they still fall into slumps. WHY? Simply put success is not measured by MONEY but truly about being happy doing what you do. The poor man wants money to be happy. The rich man has it and then searches for happiness in other ways. Success is described as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. 



Here is some homework to help put YOU on the map! 


Visit your personal FACEBOOK. Under your ABOUT page it will list your OVERVIEW. "WORK & EDUCATION"  Is it up to date with what your are currently doing? Is your website listed? Do you have a FB business page? If not, WHY? It is FREE! Instagram? Pinterest? Twitter? Linkedin? again all completely FREE!!!  "But I don't have time!" is not a good excuse. This is your livelihood!!  

If your business fails make sure you blame the right person!!!


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