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Let's talk about your business!

May 18, 2017


Let’s talk about your business… Whether you are in the food industry, the fashion industry, retail or service, whatever business you are involved with I can assume you are in it either to make a living or because you are passionate about your talent or trade or BOTH.

Are you successful at it? Are people buying your product? Are you getting the support from your friends and family (surprisingly the hardest group of people to get support from)? Are you getting support from total strangers?

Before Social Networking, if you were trying to get your business known, you didn’t have too many choices and most of them were very expensive; ad agencies, newspaper ads and maybe even TV commercials. All can be very costly, especially for those businesses that are just starting up.

But now you can create your brand in so many ways and they are all for FREE!  You can mold your brand into exactly how you want it to be portrayed.  Share your ideas, your adventures, your mission, your visions and the world will be routing for you.  Keeping everything to yourself doesn’t encourage others to be vested in your brand so they lose interest.  Share everything!  Picture of an accomplishment, video sharing a life lesson you just learned, what inspired you today, quotes you love…  The world will find you interesting and care to see what happens next.

Many people are under the impression of “if you build it they will come…”  But if you build “it” and the WORLD doesn’t know what your plans are, chances are you will spend a lot of alone time on your field. It is such a simple concept. Let people know what you sell or do.  

Understand that we no longer are limited to our local cable access television channels or newspapers. Now, because of the internet, we have the WORLD at our fingertips.  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, THE NEIGHBORHOOD, THE TOWN, THE CITY, THE STATE, THE COUNTRY…the only thing holding you back is you, so just know that you can go as far as you choose to. Want to keep it to just your neighborhood? Go for it but just know the sky is the limit!!

Here is a lesson that I was taught in 1990 by the Director of the music school I attended in NYC.  I refer to it often and it will stay with me for the rest of my life. The Director of the School walked in to orientation and scribbled MUSIC BUSINESS on the chalk board. He then glanced back at us and smiled then preceded to draw a line across the word MUSIC. He explained that it is all about the business. Whether you are a studio engineer, a guitarist in a band, or an opera singer. This is still a business!!! We must treat it like one and follow the written and unwritten rules of running a business. Whether you are offering a product or a service, it’s for money.

It is pretty simple… Be the best you can be!

Always offer the best quality!

Never cheat or take a customer for granted. 

You will have a successful business!




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