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How do I get the WORLD to know WHO I AM online?

May 1, 2017


First wrap your head around this….

In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world's population, would be online by the end of the year. In the US, 277,436,130 Internet users as of Mar/14, that is 87.0% of the population, according to PEW (PEW RESEARCH CENTER). 318,892,103 population for 2014, according to the US Census Bureau.  More than one billion people are active on Facebook. More than 100 million people use Instagram every month.

How many people liked your site, your post, your blog this week?

A BLOG?  Are you good at what you do? Ever meet people that are intrigued by what you do? Why not share your expertise with others? Do not be afraid to share your passion. Do you believe in you! Then share you!!!!  If you love what you do people will follow you, they will come to you with questions, they will trust you! So…


  • Create a Blog

Blogs are big and they are continuing to thrive as people want quick, useful information about a product, service or general news. Of course, it is up to you to fill your blog with fresh and catchy content. Whether it is a written BLOG or a VIDEO/PODCAST (I will talk more about this in a bit)  You want people to connect with you and see why you do what you. Trust me this will beat a generic business card. (which is still needed) But a Blog will put a real story to your product or services.


  • Take Part in the Online Community

When you read your favorite blog or read an article of interest, leave a comment with your name, email address and website link. Did you go out to eat this evening? Did you like the restaurant? Visit their page and leave a glowing review and make sure to add your website.  (have nothing good to say about a restaurant or a service provider?) then don’t comment. Last thing you want to do is as a business owner is to start creating walls. Someone that is supporting you may love the restaurant you just gave a not so glowing review and you may lose a customer or supporter.  Honesty is important but in this situation you are not lying you are only keeping it to yourself. Another reason why I never get mean on Social media or Political! My rule of thumb is to  keep religion and politics off of your social media pages if you are looking for people to use your services. Play nice!


  • Use Email Signatures

Whenever you send out an email, make sure you have your URL in the email signature. It's a simple idea, but it's very  effective.


Mr. Bill Gates

 If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.

Jimmy Gonzalez

BYOB Print & Design



  •  Have Business Cards at Hand . . . Always

Ensure you always have business cards to hand out. If you meet someone needing your services, it always pays to have a striking and memorable business card to exchange and post them on every public board you find. I posted on of my business cards on a coffee shop board in a town an hour away from my home and I have picked up a few clients from this one card! IT WORKS!!!!


  •  Use Company Stationery

Is your office your dinner table? Do you do most of your work on the couch at home.  For the first 3  years of my t-shirt company we were pumping out shirts in a 150 square foot room in a dark basement  with 6 ft ceilings. The temperature of this room would usually go over 300 degrees while curing shirts. Bottom line is the consumer wanted a good product for a good price. Whether the shirts were made in a basement, an attic or a garage, if the product is comparable OR BETTER than your competition then who cares where it is coming from!! Do not sell yourself short. If you THINK BIG you will get their quickly!!!! So go ahead and put your website address on everything: pens, letterheads, flyers, and anything that represents your company. Even Car magnets! ( but they should be removed every so often cause they can damage your car but from experience I have received a lot of clients from just simply driving around!) Make sure it is clear and pushes people to visit your web site. For example, you could say, "For more information, check out, www. website.com"   SELL YOURSELF BIG!


  • Write Articles

Writing articles for other sites as well as your own is an excellent  way to get noticed. Feel free to just repost your blogs as articles to other sites. Target the niche that you're after.  Just make sure you add your URL next to your name. If it's well-written, people will want to know more about you. I have read some great blogs and when it was signed ~JR it kind of makes it close to impossible to connect with this person.



Not sure you want to get into the world of TWEETS? FACEBOOK FRIENDS? Or Getting people to love your post on INSTAGRAM?  This is a path you will not and should not run away from. Now understand it is easy to lose yourself and even become unorganized as to what was posted where!!! Remember the “KIS” rule. KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Don’t over post too much or be too random. You want people to get to know you but not be annoyed by you. Also people do tend to burn themselves out because promoting yourself on social media can become a fulltime job. This seems to be a major reason why people back run away screaming from the world of social media. It is a lot to take in but can easily be managed. Pick a day, preferably your businesses slowest day. Set aside an hour or two. This time will be dedicated to promote “THIS WEEKS NEWS ABOUT YOU” It is easy to get lost while you are sharing YOU with the world to realize that Billy Joel is playing Madison Square Garden which then you realize that an ex-girlfriend also loves Billy Joel which you then decide to Stalk what she is up to then have your heartbroken when you see the dork she has been dating which is the Chef at your favorite restaurant which now leads to….I am hungry. Let me check out some restaurants….STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! Focus! This is not fun time this is HEY WORLD! This is me and I want you to know who I am, Why I do it, Where I do it, and Why you should be contacting me! 

People end up getting lost in all of these sites and post and this is when most people complain how difficult it is to deal with Social Media.  Whether you are a Carpenter, a Jewelry Maker, a Life coach maybe you are just posting your resume. Remember the numbers at the beginning of this post. As you read this…. a large portion of people on the internet do the exact same thing you do. Some may be worse and others may be better  but the squeaky wheel does get the grease!!!  So hopefully you will understand how important it is to Promote! Promote! Promote! YOU! 
KIS!   Plan, ahead what products you will be sharing this week. What quotes! Which photos! Think ahead to what you want people to know about you for this week.  Will you be offering a discounted price for your services;  Are you going to be set up at the county fair next weekend? Let people know what is going on in your life!  What I do is I create a “CAMPAIGN” Easier to keep them written on a white board so you do not duplicate this week what you already did last week. So title it “My Monday May 1st Campaign: Topics will include my next speaking engagement, my T-shirt giveaway for my first 50 reviews of my last blog…and so on.


So let us get into it….



Once you get your feet wet with a personal page on any of these sites then create a business page then make sure you  join groups!!!

PLUMBERS, ELECTRICIANS, CANDLE MAKERS, SCREEN  PRINTERS, AUTHORS! There are so many groups you can join and you can learn so much from. Do not bother recreating the wheel. Learn from those with more experience than you! There is so much knowledge out there!!! TAP INTO IT!!!

Cara Brookins needed to make her family solid again.  The single mom of four had recently left a marriage where she was a victim of domestic violence, and Brookins felt like she and her kids were broken. They needed to find a home so instead they built one together using YOUTUBE TUTORIAL VIDEOS!  AMAZING! Sounds crazy but use the WORLD WIDE WEB to your advantage!!! But choose your websites wisely and while researching facts and ideas keep the common sense handy because as great as the internet is there is a lot of crap out their too. You see the internet has created a soapbox for everyone to preach on.  Do you know a know it all…chances are they have voiced their opinion on social media. In my opinion we all have a rite to an opinion but it should be and intelligently researched opinion…

Let us get back to the sites that will help get you on the map! Some you feel may not apply to you so pick and choose carefully.



  Based on statistics from the Washington Post. Facebook is no longer popular with the young.   Do not let this recent poll scare you!! This is where you must ask yourself, Who are your future clients, supporters, fans, patients? All that matters is once you create your personal account and then create a FACEBOOK BUSINESS ACCT. Remember to SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! & THEN SHARE some more!  Easiest way is to “INVITE FRIENDS TO LIKE YOUR PAGE” Ask your friends to “INVITE THEIR FRIENDS TO LIKE YOUR PAGE”  Do you have family? You know..cousins..aunts..uncles..grandparents? Are they on FACEBOOK? Then ask them to “INVITE THEIR FRIENDS TO LIKE YOUR SITE ON FACEBOOK?” This is one of the easiest ways to get followers to check you out!   I have reached my 5,000 friend quota twice and have created a “FAN PAGE” on Facebook to keep from losing new people from not being allowed to “be my friend” So let us see.. I need to post something  on Facebook. So I share it to my personal page,  4,900+ , my FAN PAGE 3,993 fans, My BYOB page300+ , Vox Eorum Clothing Company 600+, are you adding these numbers up? And this is just FACEBOOK!!! This does not include my Instagram (Personal & Business), Pinterest (Personal & Business), Twitter (Personal & Business), Linkedin (Personal & Business)and so on and so on.

If you have gotten to this point , I hope you have learned something. I am writing this because I want you to succeed! I want you to share what you do with the world. Before I end this RANT! Let me remind you of one more MAJOR factor people tend to forget. If you are selling products or offering services



Clear pictures and make sure to explain exactly what is in the picture! Have someone take pics of you doing what you do? (PLEASE SMILE) Do not be embarrassed! You are marketing YOU! Whether you are painting sea shells, painting on canvas, even if you detail cars have someone take a FEW pics and SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! I can’t stop begging you to never stop sharing!


Thank you for reading!
Continued success in all you do!



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