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BYOB Printing and design just do it right! 
I wear their products as well as give them for presents to many of my friends and family.  
I have thrown a few benefits and BYOB really worked with me to get the deign right and give me the much needed professional input to get my tees noticed and be 100 percent original.
The imagination and quality they put into my orders is great because I know I am getting a great original product at a great price. Thank you soooooo much Jimmy n Melissa for your sincere attention to my individual needs.

Stephanie Ortiz




Truly a pleasure working with Jimmy and Melissa! They have met all of my needs, primarily apparel, tshirts, sweatshirts in a timely and professional manner. At BYOB they really take the time to help you create a the designs of your dreams. I love that I can stop in the shop and see how and where my products are being made. Always excellent quality! Never any issues with with sceenprint! Huge selection! Great service! That's what keeps us coming back.

Maureen Reid



Jimmy and Melissa have done an outstanding job of all my promotional needs. The tote bags, t-shirts, and table runner were top quality and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

Rosa Thomas

Jimmy & Melissa do fantastic work! They created shirts as favors for my daughter's soccer birthday party & bags! They also created shirts for a work service day at the zoo for my 3rd grader! Love their work and them! So creative and talented!




B.Y.O.B helped me with my business design and screen printing. Both Jimmy and Melissa were very helpful every step of the way. I would highly recommended them for any of your business or personal needs for screen printing or many other needs. Top notch !!! Thank you!!!

BBR Dogs


Bully Breed Rescue has had shirts and hoodies done by BYOB including the design phase. We love their creativity and their willingness to make sure everything is perfect. We highly recommend their services and have referred other companies to them already!

Doreen Rymkiewicz

Melissa and Jimmy are GREAT!! I start with saying they are personal heroes of mine. They did wonderful business cards for me, and I am looking forward to their expertise on my website and other promotional needs!! Support them!! You will be overjoyed that you did!!

Joyce Kuian


BYOB created a logo, signs, a website and printed shirts. Everything was well done and very quick. Very pleased! I plan on working with them again.

Double D's Beef Jerky


I want to reach out to BYOB they created our website and we couldn't be more pleased. They are sincere hard working people. They REALLY care about your brand and marketing it as if it were their very own. They are always there when you need help and their pricing is absolutely fair. Thank BYOB for our continued business success!!

Double D's Beef Jerky, LLC

Talia Ruggiero




Annette J. Mathews 

Great honest caring people. I highly recommend them.

Jenifer Coulson

The soul behind BYOB Print and Design are the owners, Jimmy and Melissa. BYOB is beyond a business that helps you build your own successful business; the owners Jimmy and Melissa truly put their heart into everything they do for everything that you do. Jimmy and Melissa are your greatest supporters; bestowing confidence, unwavering encouragement, innovation, and belief into what you are trying to accomplish in your business project or new business venture. Jimmy and Melissa guide you through the development of your business, are genuinely invested in your purpose, and want to help you become not only the best you can be, but the best overall. Jimmy and Melissa are extremely accommodating and flexible, and really listen to your ideas and needs as they commit themselves to every detail of your project as if it were their own. Above all, the love for what Jimmy and Melissa do truly shows. I highly recommend BYOB Print and Design, because I couldn’t have come this far without them. Thank you!


A shout out to a selfless, very humble couple... my truly loyal friends.. Jimmy Gonzalez and Melissa Kuian... i know i don't say it AS LOUD as i should but today my mind is slowing down and i just realized how I wouldn't be where i am... spiritually, without them... They have been there for soooooo many people in the Animal World... Jimmy was ACO in the hardest municipal Animal Control facility in the STATE and Melissa ran the office... so many good times and very sad times seeing animals suffer... they gave every bit of their lives to animals... and unfortunately THAT does not pay the bills... they NEVER ask for help... not for them... they keep amazingly positive about life.. no clue how they do it... but actually, i do a little by their teachings to me...
Jimmy and Melissa own BYOB Print and Design They create logos, webpages, and print shirts... yeah big deal right... oh anyone can do that there's so many people doing it, right? NOPE... not like they do. The difference between them and the other companies is... they CARE... they invite you to their warehouse and show you how things are done... its run by THEM... they are at work sometimes til midnight after getting in at 10am to meet deadlines for their customers... YES the pain in the butt ones too (like me) Their prices are great but their work is even better... Just do me a favor.. if you are thinking about starting a business.. give them a should, Jimmy is also a motivational speaker and has vast experience in owning businesses. They have motivated me into my new business venture... to be announced
PS just look at their main announcement... they care "helping you share what you do with the world"



In this day in age it is hard to find excellent quality at reasonable prices. If you need any customized items THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE!!!




Growing your business? THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE!


Family function: THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE!


Community group or similar? THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE!


Always wanted your own motivational work out shirts? THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE!


No job is too big or small. They are incredibly talented and beyond creative.


If you are ever in need of any screen printing , website design, promotional materials please don't hesitate to contact them. You will end up with an amazing product for a very reasonable price!!!


Seriously loved ones... THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE! Please share and promote this amazing local business! Thank you!!!



I just want to send huge thank you and make people aware of our friends Jimmy Gonzalez and Melissa Kuian the owners and operators of B.Y.O.B.

As from the view of a small business owner, customer satisfaction and dedication to your craftsmanship is important no matter what type of business you run.

I cannot give enough praise to B.Y.O.B. as they take on each customer one on one and strive for your satisfaction.

If you are ever in need of any screen printing , website design, promotional materials please don't hesitate to contact them. You will end up with an amazing product for a very reasonable price!!!



Need branding? From SCREENPRINTING SERVICES, APPAREL, WEBSITES, PROMO MATERIALS, BUSINESS CARDS, BANNERS? Then BYOB PRINT AND DESIGN is all you need! Owners Melissa and Jimmy are meticulous and take pride in every aspect of their job because their goal is to help you succeed. Even after your products are completed they continue to promote your business like it is an extension of their own. It's rare these days to find such dedicated, honest and hardworking business owners. Seriously check them out!

www.byobprintanddesign.com or via email at info@byobpnd.com. Tell them I sent you!