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meet the crew

"I live to help people!  I always have and I always will...  It's ingrained in me.  Watching a simple idea turn into a successful business is my lifeblood!  Giving this person purpose and a lively hood...  And it all started with just an idea!"  

- Jimmy Gonzalez

"My favorite part of what I do is showcasing other individuals and companies, making them shine!  I do not like the spot light.  I thrive behind the scenes making everyone else look good!  Let me put you on your pedestal so you can get the glory you deserve because you are the rock star of your industry!"  

-Melissa Kuian 

Ok, so I think we have an interesting story and I hope when you are done reading you will say to yourself, I wanna meet them!  lol!

We met while running the largest animal shelter in the state of Connecticut, the Bridgeport Animal Shelter.  Long story but we worked in the animal world for over 10 years.  While there, we would fundraise and the largest fundraiser was always selling t-shirts!  But it was expensive whenever we needed to reorder because there was a high minimum.

Jimmy had the bright idea that we should start printing our own shirts.  We invested in industrial grade screen printing equipment, took many classes and after a few years finally figured it all out.  We made lots and lots of shirts for fundraising purposes and were approached by animal rescue groups to make their shirts too!  

During that time, we also started consulting these groups in topics such as proper book keeping, non-profit recording and regulations, reaching your target market, proper branding, etc...  We were bitten by that bug and wanted more!

BYOB Print and Design was born out of the passion to help other groups and businesses showcase what they do best.  We came to the realization that although you are incredible at what you do, you may not have the knowledge or the time to worry about branding, marketing and promotion!  That's were we step in.  By picking your brain and studying your industry, we share our knowledge, tips and tricks with you to ensure you are on the right track attracting your target market.  By the time we are done you will be thinking about your brand in new ways.  

You may wonder what experience we have in business consulting and graphic design?


Jimmy is the graphic design guru.  Throughout his life, he was always drawn to the arts and studied website and graphic design at NYU.  He is one to strive to learn something new each day and it shows in his work!

Melissa is more the numbers and paperwork person!  Studied Accounting and Business Management at her local Community College and constantly has her nose in a book. Super organized, structured and goal oriented.


Perfect team...  one balances the other out.  Each have their own strengths to contribute.  Plus we have a power team of professionals at our fingertips from financal to legal advise to corporate marketing to photography to social media promotion. We have the power of collective intelligence!

So if you are intrigued, contact us!  We would love to meet you!